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Garmin X Package

You've heard the expression "One Size Fits All", well that's what the X Package is all about. The X Package provides trail map data for all your devices. It contains the Garmin map format for Garmin BaseCamp and your Garmin GPS, KMZ files for Google Earth, KMZ/GPX files for your smart phone/tablet and OBF files for Android OsmAnd. Plan trips and create routes on your computer, check snow depth with Google Earth on your desktop and mobile device. View our trail maps on multiple devices.

Download to a Windows/Mac computer OR purchase the pre-loaded microSD card option. The download provides the most benefit and requires installation of Garmin's free mapping software; Garmin BaseCamp for Windows includes MapInstall as an integrated tool. Mac Users will need to download both BaseCamp and MapInstall. A USB cable and USB port on your computer are needed to transfer maps from your computer to the Garmin GPS.

Transfer KMZ, GPX or OsmAnd data from your computer to your smart phone or tablet as an email attachment or using cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Import our map data to GPS Apps from the Google Play and iTunes stores. The installation guide and tutorial videos are available on the Help page.

An instant download is provided at the time of purchase. Trail maps are updated frequently throughout the season. Sign in to your account to download the latest version free for 2 years from the date of purchase. For easy plug-and-play directly into your Garmin GPS, purchase the trail map pre-loaded on the optional microSD card (chip). The microSD card option eliminates the need to have a computer and run the download but makes updating a bit more difficult. The download is still available when the microSD card option is selected.

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  • Eastern US and Quebec snowmobile GPS trail map
    $110.00 Choose Options Grand Touring Snowmobile Map
    There are no limits to your adventure with the Grand Touring map. Plan rides from Pennsylvania to northern Quebec. Use Garmin BaseCamp to create cross border routes with gas, food and lodging along the way. This...
  • Quebec/New Brunswick GPS trail map for snowmobile trails
    $80.00 Choose Options Quebec Snowmobile Trail Map
    This Quebec/New Brunswick GPS snowmobile trail map was introduced for the 2015 snowmobile season. We are actively adding more trails weekly as the data comes in. The current version contains 13,896 miles (22,363 km) of...
  • ATV trail map for New England
    $50.00 Choose Options New England ATV Trail Map
    This is an essential GPS trail map for the serious ATVer. This map installs easily to your Garmin GPS. No matter where you ride, our routable New England ATV trail map will lead you to on-trail gas, food and lodging points...
  • Snowmobile GPS trail map for New England
    $80.00 Choose Options New England Snowmobile Map
    If you’re the die-hard rider that regularly crosses the borders and takes multi-day snowmobile trips, this map is for you!  This is our best value US snowmobile GPS map.  We have combined thousands of...
  • Maine GPS ATV trail map for Garmin
    $45.00 Choose Options Maine ATV Trail Map
    This map is for riders who love to explore the beautiful State of Maine. This is an auto-routing ATV trail map that overlays your Garmin GPS street maps. Spend more time exploring Maine’s vast trail system and less...
  • Maine snowmobile GPS trail map
    $45.00 Choose Options Maine Snowmobile Trail Map
    For the snowmobiler that wants to enjoy all Maine has to offer, this Maine snowmobile GPS trail map should be your top priority. Go exploring with confidence and auto-route your way from Lake Parlin to Pittston Farms. Search...
  • New Hampshire GPS ATV trail map for Garmin
    $15.00 Choose Options New Hampshire ATV Trail Map
    If you are excited about New Hampshire’s growing ATV trail system, this map is a must. Ride The Wilds is New Hampshire's 1,000 mile interconnected ATV trail system throughout the beautiful Great North...
  • New Hampshire snowmobile GPS trail map
    $30.00 Choose Options New Hampshire Snowmobile Trail Map
    If you are new to the sport looking for a good New Hampshire snowmobile trail map for your GPS or love to ride different areas across New Hampshire, this map is for you. There is no better way to navigate the trails and...
  • Vermont GPS ATV trail map for Garmin
    $15.00 Choose Options Vermont ATV Trail Map
    Ride any of the current club areas spread out across the state to experience all Vermont has to offer. Navigate with ease with our introductory ATV GPS trail map for Garmin GPS units. The Vermont ATV trail map currently...
  • Vermont snowmobile GPS trail map
    $20.00 Choose Options Vermont Snowmobile Trail Map
    This statewide Vermont snowmobile trail map is expanding quickly for those looking to supplement the VAST snowmobile trail (paper) map. This GPS trail map is a transparent overlay of the VAST snowmobile trails on top of your...

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