GPX Files

Now you can supplement the trail maps on your digital gauge with our GPS Trailmasters' maps. Our GPX files can be installed using your gauges Import function. These files have been extended to display trail color and icon symbol for the Polaris 7S and the Trail Tech Voyager family of products. This means you can see the same awesome trail colors as our Garmin formatted maps to include red primary trails, green secondary trails and blue club trails. You will also see similar icons for gas, food, lodging and more. NOTE: Standard GPX formatting does not include trail color or icon symbols on other devices such as the Magellan TRX gauge and smart phone GPS apps. GPX files are purchased as a download and include options for pre-loaded microSD or USB thumb drive media.

GPX Files are non-routable (turn by turn). GPX Files include 1 year of free updates.

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