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Trade your tracklogs for free maps!

Trade GPS tracks for free trail maps 

Keep your maps accurate and up to date! Join our growing community of ATV and snowmobile owners and send in your tracklogs after each ride or weekend on the trails. Your GPS tracklog contributions will be processed and any new trails found will be added to the next map update. Learn how easy it is to collect tracks with our Collect Tracks instructions. Consult your Garmin User's Manual or the Garmin website for additional information on how to record your Trip Log and download GPS tracks and waypoints (Points of Interest). Attach your (gpx, gdb, etc) tracklog file(s) to this e-mail along with a brief description of your data, let us know you would like to be added to the track donor list and you will automatically get free map updates from our website. See our Maps for Tracks program to learn how you can get FREE maps by extending your download period.

Watch the instructional video to learn how to download your tracks using BaseCamp. Save your trips, see your trail mileage and trip statistics. You can even graph speed and elevation data or create a route from your trip for using again later. Share your Garmin Adventures with your friends.


Send us your tracklog files and waypoints and we will give you a free GPS trail map of your choice.  Why hassle with uploading and downloading individual tracks to your GPS.  Let us convert your tracks to Garmin IMG format with unique color-coded line styles to indicate primary, secondary and club trails.  We identify lake crossings, shoreline warnings, plowed trails, closed trails and ungroomed trails.  We will merge your tracks with our existing GPS trail maps that include auto-routing and hundreds of points of interest for gas, food and lodging.

We are currently collecting tracklogs for Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario as well as our more mature Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont maps.

By uploading data, you're agreeing to let GPS Trailmasters use this data on any and all maps we provide our customers.