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Keep your maps accurate and up to date! Join our growing community of ATV and snowmobile owners and send in your tracklogs after each ride or weekend on the trails. Your contributions will be processed and any new trails and changes found will be added to the next map update.


Learn how easy it is to collect tracks with our Collect Tracks instructions. Consult your Garmin User's Manual or the Garmin website for additional information on how to record your Trip Log and download GPS tracks and waypoints (Points of Interest).


Attach your (gpx, gdb, etc) tracklog file(s) to this e-mail along with a brief description of your data. Let us know you would like to be added to the track donor list and you will automatically get a credit for free map updates from our website. In order to be eligible for our tracks for maps program, you must have an active subscription and send in tracks from the current season.