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ATV Trails

The number of ATV trails in New England grow each year as this sport gains popularity in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. GPS apps for smart phones and tablets are readily available and provide many of the same features as a dedicated GPS, eliminating the need for a second device mounted to your ATV.

Our trail maps in KMZ format can be downloaded directly to your phone and sent to apps on your device such as Google Earth, Locus Map for Android and Guru Maps for iOS and Android. These downloads include both trail data and map points for gas, food, lodging and more. See our ATV Trails detail and trail coverage. Instantly download our map data to your phone or tablet after purchase. Each purchase includes free updates for 1 year.

  • Maine ATV KMZ Map Data
    $30.00 ME ATV Trail App Data
    Our Maine ATV trail map data for mobile devices covers ATV trails and gas, food and lodging waypoints across the entire state. Download directly to your phone or tablet and launch with Locus Map for Android, Guru Maps for...
  • New Hampshire ATV Map Data
    $10.00 NH ATV Trail App Data
    This New Hampshire ATV trail map in KMZ format provides a convenient way to navigate ATV trails across the state. Use your smart phone as a GPS without the availability of cell service. Compatible with the Android Locus Map...
  • Vermont ATV Map Data
    $10.00 VT ATV Trail App Data
    Our KMZ format map for Vermont ATV trails will help you navigate using third party GPS apps on your smart phone or tablet. Cellular service is not required to use Guru Maps from the iTunes store and Locus Map from the Google...
  • New York ATV Map Data
    $7.00 NY ATV Trail App Data
    Our New York ATV trail map in KMZ format covering the Tug Hill/Lewis County ATV Trail system and Tall Pines with plans in Spring 2022 to expand to include several public trail systems and private parks. This map...
  • Pennsylvania ATV Map Data
    $7.00 PA ATV Trail App Data
    Use your smart phone as a GPS with our Pennsylvania ATV trail map in KMZ format. Download this data to your phone and use with Android Locus Maps or iPhone Guru Maps from the Google Play and iTunes stores.