Update Your Map

The latest map versions are listed below. Map updates are downloaded from your account.


ATV Maps: July 11, 2024 Version 13.08   Snowmobile Maps: March 04, 2024 Version 16.09


Step 1 - Download the Latest Map Version 

-Click here to login to your account.
-Click Orders, then click your order number.
-Click the orange download icon.
     -For X Package products, click either the Mac or Windows map installer.
     -For Smart Phone Data products, click the KMZ file. 


Step 2 - Transfer the Latest Map Version to Your Device

-For X Package products click either the GPS Installation Guide for Windows or GPS Installation Guide for Mac.
-For X Package products installation to mobile devices click the X Package Installation Guide.
-For Smart Phone Data products click the KMZ Trail Data Installation Guide.


Your map purchase includes free updates for a period of 1 year for Smart Phone Data and GPX Files and 2 years for X Package products.