Smart Phone Data

Don't own a computer or a Garmin GPS? No problem! Our trail maps can be downloaded directly to your smart phone or tablet. These trail maps are in Google Earth's KMZ format compatible with Google Earth mobile for iPhone and Android devices. For best results, import our KMZ format trail maps into a dedicated GPS app such as Guru Maps Pro for iPhone and Android. Most GPS apps have the ability to cache background maps, so cellular or WiFi connection is not required during use. They provide the GPS function; tracking your location on the trails and recording a bread crumb trail of where you have been.

An instant download is provided with purchase. Trail maps are updated frequently during the season. Sign in to our website to download updates free for a period of 1 year. These products ARE NOT compatible with Garmin GPS units. For Garmin GPSs, purchase the X Package product. KMZ files are a non-routable file type.

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