Shipping & Returns



When purchased as an option, the microSD cards are shipped via USPS first class mail (3-10 business days). For faster shipping via UPS select 1-3 business day shipping.


Returns Policy


Return requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The preloaded microSD card cannot be refunded. If a return request references difficulty installing or using the product, one of our customer service representatives will reach out to you to offer technical support.


Refunds will NOT be approved for these reasons:


->The product was deemed too hard to install or use by the end user
->The product does not work for an application or device not listed on our website as compatible
->The product does not perform a function not outlined on our website or documentation

->The user no longer wants the product as they are back from their trip, done riding for the season, only wanted it for one weekend, etc.