KML/KMZ Trail Data

The trail map products identified with the KMZ logo include the same trail and POI data as the X Package products. Our Trail App Data in KMZ format is compatible with select third party GPS apps for mobile devices.


The KMZ format trail data can be downloaded instantly from your account directly to your mobile device. Refer to our Help page for more information.


The following GPS apps have been verified to properly display our KMZ format map data. Currently, the third party GPS apps identified below do not have auto-routing algorithms for turn by turn directions but do provide all other basic functions of a Garmin GPS.

Locus Map App for Android


Locus Map is a multifunctional outdoor navigation application with access to a wide portfolio of hiking and street maps. Import your own tracks and points of interest. Using maps without an Internet connection is the basic idea of Locus Map. Locus Map offers downloading of offline background maps and allows you to import our snowmobile and ATV trail maps. Record tracks of all your trips and document with photos, videos and sound recordings. Download the free Locus Map App from the Google Play store to your Android phone or tablet. Download the KMZ file from your account and import into the app.

Guru Maps Pro for iOS and Android


Guru Maps Pro is a backpacking and hiking offline map application for iOS and Android devices. No internet connection needed. Download states or entire countries. Fastest map and most detailed maps available. Provides GPS tracking to record your route. Take an adventure with Guru Maps Pro. Purchase and download the app from the Apple store to your iOS phone or tablet. Download the KMZ file from your account and import into the app.