Installing Garmin X Package

Installation of our X Package products requires either a Windows PC or Mac computer. The installation and update is a two-step process;


1. Download the map installer from our website. How to Download.


2. The second step is to transfer the map to all your devices (Garmin GPS, smart phone and tablet).


     Use Fast Copy to transfer the map on your Garmin GPS.

     Installing trail data to phones and tablets.



Also check out our Installation Videos:


     Windows Download
     Windows MapInstall
     Windows Fast Copy


     Mac Download
     Mac MapInstall
     Mac Fast Copy


     Send Map Files to Your Mobile Device



The Garmin MapInstall tool can also be used to complete step 2 and transfer the map to your Garmin GPS. Certain custom installations where you want to install the Trail Map layer over your topo map for example require the use of MapInstall.



Installation and Update with Garmin BaseCamp/MapInstall

Installation Guide for Windows
Installation Guide for Mac


Update Instructions for Windows
Update Instructions for Mac


Configure your GPS for auto-routing.


Certain GPS models do not display the purple route line and cyan-colored breadcrumb trail over the trails. Using the Fast Copy method for install corrects this issue.


Click the Advanced Installation Guide for Garmin GPS with instructions for the following:

  -  Downloading and running the Windows and Mac OS X installation programs.
  -  Installing multiple maps to your GPS.
  -  Updating the map on your GPS or microSD chip.

  -  Sending maps to your Polaris built-in display