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Fast Copy Install for Garmin

1) Download the map installer from your website account. Open/Run the download.

2) Connect the GPS to your computer with a USB cable. Wait for the Garmin to be recognized.

Windows Computers - Use the X Package shortcut to locate the Disc Image File in C:\Program Files (x86)\GPS Trailmasters\Garmin\Maps

Mac Computers - Use your Home folder to locate the Disc Image File in GPS Trailmasters\Garmin\Maps 

Copy the Disc Image File (.img) to either the 'Garmin' folder or the 'Map' folder depending on your Garmin GPS model.

  • Handheld and older model GPS units copy to the 'Garmin' folder.
  • Nuvi and newer model zumo's copy to the 'Map' folder. You may need to create the 'Map' folder.

If the map is not listed on your GPS then you probably don't have the correct folder, move the Disc Image File to the other folder.

If it's still not listed, some very old GPS units, like the Nuvi 500 do not support custom map names so you must rename the file to "gmapsupp.img" in the 'Garmin' folder.

You can also copy to an SD card in your computer or Garmin GPS. When using an SD card the Disc Image File must be copied to the 'Garmin' folder and renamed to "gmapsupp.img". Create the 'Garmin' folder if
its a blank SD card.

Windows Computers - Drag and drop the .img file using File Explorer:



Mac Computers - Drag and drop the .img file using the Finder app: