Do you cover (insert area here)?

Check out our ATV preview map and snowmobile preview map to see the trails on our latest update.

Will this work without cell signal?

Yes, cellular service is not required for GPS capability.

Are club trails included on your map?

Yes, our snowmobile and ATV maps contain state, ITS, club, connector, and local trails.

Will this work with my smartphone or the GPS I already have?

Yes! Our maps work with most smartphones and Garmin GPS units (and the Trail Tech Voyager). Refer to our Compatible GPS List and look for your model. If it's listed, it will work! If not, it either isn't compatible or we haven't tested it yet.

Which map do I need to buy for my device?

For a Garmin GPS or the OsmAnd Android app, you need an X Package product. For Locus Map on an Android smartphone or tablet or Guru Maps Pro on an Apple smartphone or tablet, you need a Trail App Data product. For a Polaris Ride Command display or Trail Tech Voyager GPS, you need a GPX File product. For multiple types of devices or all file types, you need an X Package product.

How do I download the map?

After you purchase a map, you will be able to download it from the order in your GPS Trailmasters account (that you create during checkout) or from your email receipt.  Detailed instructions can be found here.

How are the ATV and Snowmobile trail maps loaded onto the GPS?

You will download the map installer to your computer from your order in your account. When you run the installation program, the trail map files are copied to your computer. From there you will need to download and install Garmin BaseCamp to move the map to your Garmin GPS using a USB cord.  Detailed instructions can be found here.

How are the ATV and Snowmobile trail maps loaded onto a mobile device?

You will download the map file from your order in your account. You will then be able to open the map file with the GPS app you have loaded into your mobile device.  Detailed instructions can be found here.

Why is my download being blocked? Why is the file not safe?

The file is safe. The file will not harm your computer. You are getting these error messages because our product is not licensed by Microsoft or Apple. You can bypass these errors, detailed instructions can be found here.

It says my file is corrupt. Why?

You cannot open the Garmin IMG files on a computer. It's as if the file is in the Garmin language that the computer does not understand. The file is not corrupt, it simply cannot be read by the computer.

Why won't my GPS charge/turn on/connect to my computer?

Try pressing and holding the power button on your device for 30 seconds to do a soft reset. If the problem persists, refer to your owner's manual or reach out to Garmin directly for support.

My Garmin says "Map data unavailable". Why?

You cannot enter an address into your Garmin using our trail map. Trails do not have addresses. Try searching for your location from our large list of preloaded points of interest or tap a location on the map to navigate to it.

Why is my Garmin sending me down streets?

Ensure you have turned off the street maps on your device. This can be checked by going to the “Map Information” section within the map configuration menu. This may be called "Map Info", "Configure Maps", or "myMaps" depending on the model you have. The only item checked on should be our trail map (and whichever background map you are using, if not ours).

Why won't my snowmobile GPS auto-route across a lake?

The Garmin “auto routing” algorithm does not know if lakes are safe for travel, therefore they are not included when generating a route. Your GPS will recalculate your route if you choose to cross a safe body of water.

How can I notify GPS Trailmasters when I ride trails that are not on the trail map, or when trails on the map no longer exist?

Simply attach a GPX file of your trip to an email and send it over to Detailed instructions can be found here.

How do I update my map? Does this update automatically?

When you initially purchase a map from the website, you create an account where your purchase is saved. You may login to your account at any time during your subscription period and download the latest version of your GPS trail map. This is not an automated process. Detailed instructions can be found here.

How is your map updated when the trails change?

We receive updated trail information from a variety of sources including user submissions, information from clubs, and mapping out trails ourselves.

How often is the trail map updated?

As long as the trails can be ridden, we will be collecting GPS data. We will typically release an updated version every 7-10 days during both the ATV and snowmobile season.

How does a GPS hold up in cold weather?

Most Garmin GPS units are rated to -6°F.

What is the benefit of the microSD card?

The microSD card provides a convenience of plug-and-play maps. No other installation is required to get the GPS trail maps up and running on your GPS. The installation program should still be run, however, to view the User Agreement and install files onto your computer that are used to get your free map updates.

My auto-routing feature is unable to calculate a route.

The auto-routing feature can get confused when there are multiple road and trail networks to route over. Ensure you have turned off the street maps on your device. You also need to verify that your starting and ending locations are both ON the trail.