Trail Map User's Guide

When you purchase a trail map from us you will have instant access to download your trail map. The Garmin X Package products require the use of a Windows PC or Mac computer to install to your GPS - or purchase the pre-loaded microSD card for plug and play in your Garmin GPS. The KMZ Smart Phone Data can be downloaded directly to your phone or tablet. You will be able to access the download for the latest version of the map for a period of 1 year for Smart Phone Data and 2 years for X Package products.


If you are not familiar with your Garmin GPS, download the user’s manual for your model from the Garmin website. Familiarize yourself with the map screen and configuration menus. Understand all the options in the “Map” configuration menu for your GPS. After installation using Garmin BaseCamp, your GPS Trailmasters map will be listed under the “Map Information” section within the Map configuration menu. This may be called "Map Info", "Configure Maps" or "myMaps" depending on the model you have. Operating your GPS with our trail map is no different than operating it with the factory street map.


Consult your Garmin user’s manual for how to use the “Where To” feature and how to touch a location on the map and initiate a route. Your GPS trail map does have the following limitations/differences from routing with a street map:


-> There are no searchable street addresses on your trail map, all trail accessible points of interest are searched within the provided categories (i.e., Fuel, Food, Lodging). Use the "Where To" feature, select Points of Interest then select one of the following categories: Fuel, Food, Lodging, Parking, Community (Club Houses & Warming Huts), Attractions (Scenic Views & Land Marks), Auto Services/Auto Repair (Snowmobile/ATV Sales), Auto Services/Rest Area (Restrooms).

-> Your GPS trail map will not route over lakes and closed trails.

-> The arrival time of your route is likely optimistic, plan an additional 20% for time (for example, if your GPS indicates a route will take 2.5 hours, add 20% = 30 minutes to your arrival estimate).


Always have a paper map as a secondary reference, and to support the clubs in the areas you ride! Your GPS map could be missing trails or trails may have changed since your last update. When there is a conflict between what your GPS or paper map indicates and what you see on the trails, understand that your GPS map may be incorrect and groomed/signed trails should always take precedence.


It is your responsibility to always know the laws and follow the signage.


Have fun and ride safe!