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ATV Maps

ATV manufacturers are starting to integrate GPS displays into their off-road vehicles. ATVing as a recreational activity is growing at lightning speed and the availability of regional trail maps is lacking. How awesome would it be to have ATV trail maps for an entire state or even multiple states integrated into your dashboard? We have ATV maps available for Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. Examine the trails and trail services included with our GPS ATV maps.

Our X Package products include cross platform map data which means you can install our trail map to your Windows PC or Mac computer, your Garmin GPS, iPhone, iPad, Droid phone and Android tablet. Our map data installs to a number of GPS Apps from the Google and iTunes stores. A map installer is downloaded after completing the "Checkout" process. Your map can be installed to your GPS or mobile device and ready to use in minutes.  Use your account to download updates free for 2 years from the date of purchase. Installation requires Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X, Garmin BaseCamp/MapInstall, a USB cable and a USB connection. Purchase the GPS map pre-loaded on an optional SD card for plug-n-play directly into your Garmin. Each purchase includes a download. Purchase the SD card if you do not own a computer or do not want to use a computer to install the map.

  • ATV trail map for New England
    $50.00 Choose Options New England ATV Trail Map
    This is an essential GPS trail map for the serious ATVer. This map installs easily to your Garmin GPS. No matter where you ride, our routable New England ATV trail map will lead you to on-trail gas, food and lodging points...
  • Maine GPS ATV trail map for Garmin
    $45.00 Choose Options Maine ATV Trail Map
    This map is for riders who love to explore the beautiful State of Maine. This is an auto-routing ATV trail map that overlays your Garmin GPS street maps. Spend more time exploring Maine’s vast trail system and less...
  • New Hampshire GPS ATV trail map for Garmin
    $15.00 Choose Options New Hampshire ATV Trail Map
    If you are excited about New Hampshire’s growing ATV trail system, this map is a must. Ride The Wilds is New Hampshire's 1,000 mile interconnected ATV trail system throughout the beautiful Great North...
  • Vermont GPS ATV trail map for Garmin
    $15.00 Choose Options Vermont ATV Trail Map
    Ride any of the current club areas spread out across the state to experience all Vermont has to offer. Navigate with ease with our introductory ATV GPS trail map for Garmin GPS units. The Vermont ATV trail map currently...
  • New York GPS ATV trail map for Garmin
    $10.00 Choose Options New York ATV Trail Map
    For your New York off-road adventure. Enjoy scenic views and backwoods riding at its best. Ride with the convenience of knowing where you are while exploring the trails. This New York ATV GPS trail map currently covers...
  • Pennsylvania ATV GPS trail map
    $10.00 Choose Options Pennsylvania ATV Trail Map
    This Pennsylvania ATV trail map is being introduced into our product line for the 2021 ATV season and containing close to 1000 miles of trails for the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA), the Snow Shoe Rails To...