Compatible GPS List

Our GPS snowmobile trail maps and GPS ATV trail maps are ONLY compatible with Garmin brand GPS units. In general, we tell people that our maps are compatible with just about any Garmin GPS that is less than 10 years old. This means you can use your automotive GPS as well as outdoor units. Our trail map is considered a "Supplemental Map" in Garmin terms. A supplemental map requires memory on the GPS unit and the GPS unit firmware must be able to recognize a supplemental map. The specs published on the Garmin website will indicate if a particular GPS unit can display Supplemental Maps. Typically the specifications will include a section on Maps & Memory where you can find some important information about the device's features. If the unit has the "Ability to add maps", then our maps will operate on that GPS. Other features to note are the Basemap, Built-in memory, Accepts data cards, Custom POIs, Waypoints, Routes and Track log. These features will expand the utility of your GPS trail map. See more about these features at About Our Maps.



To take advantage of the routing capability of our trail maps, your GPS must support Automatic routing (turn by turn routing on roads). Our trail map "appears" as another road map to the Garmin unit, we design our maps using road features for our trails so the GPS does not know the difference between a road used for cars and a trail used for snowmobiling or as an ATV trail.



We have compiled a list of compatible GPS units from the Garmin specifications and from personal experience. The Garmin models listed here are able to display our trail maps unless marked with "*** Can't add maps". We also identify the models that have an older serial interface rather than the newer USB interface. These models will work as long as you have the original Garmin provided serial cable and a serial interface port on your Windows or Mac computer. We also mark the models that have the ability to add supplemental maps but don't have internal memory. These GPS models MUST use a SD or microSD card to store the map.


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