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For help installing the X Package software click Installing Garmin X Package. We can access your computer remotely to help with X Package installation using Remote Access Support.

For help installing to smart phones and tablets click Help with Smart Phone (KMZ) products.

Watch our tutorial videos on using Garmin BaseCamp and MapSource.

FREE updates for existing customers can be downloaded directly from your GPS Trailmasters customer account, click here for additional information.

For an introductory tutorial using the Nuvi for trail riding click here.

For all other help, questions or issues, send e-mail to Support.


Answers To Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

Why does Garmin BaseCamp/MapInstall not recognize my GPS?

All current Garmin devices, when connected to a computer, will communicate in either Mass Storage or Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) mode. If the computer is not detecting the Garmin device, there are a few troubleshooting steps that can be done.

  1. Unplug the USB cable from the computer and plug back in to same or different USB port
  2. Turn the device off and then back on again
  3. Plug the USB cable directly into a USB port on the computer and not a hub or docking station

The device should automatically go into Mass Storage or MTP mode, which is indicated by a picture of a white GPS device connected to a tower on the Garmin screen. To check the computer's recognition of the device on a Windows PC click on the Start menu and select My Computer. The device will show in this window if the computer recognizes it. If the GPS device is still not recognized by MapInstall, the device shows a picture of an orange computer tower rather than white or you have one of these Garmin models follow the steps below to manually put your device into Mass Storage. 

On a Mac, the device will show as an icon on the desktop, labeled "GARMIN", or it can be found by selecting Finder from the dock and viewing the device list on the left-hand side menu within the window.

Note: If the computer still does not detect the device, ensure the cable is a compatible USB cable. For more information on compatible USB cables, visit the article What kind of USB cable do I need to connect my Garmin GPS to a computer?

Manually Place Device Into Mass Storage Mode

1. Start Nuvi by itself and go to Volume Screen. Unit must be in normal landscape orientation.
2. Press the upper right hand corner of screen for 10 seconds.
3. The Developers Screen will pop up
4. Scroll down to MTP SETTINGS
6. Shut down Nuvi and hook up to Computer USB cable
7. The Nuvi should be recognize by the computer and MapInstall.

If you still experience problems, please contact Garmin Product Support.


What do the different trail colors mean?

The trail colors or "line styles" identify the type of trail.  Trail colors on the snowmobile GPS maps identify Primary, Secondary and Club level trails.  The trail colors on the ATV GPS maps identify what type of OHRV is permitted to use the trail.  Unique line styles are also used to identify lake crossings, closed trails, plowed roads, ATV access etc.  We are the only GPS map company to provide a shoreline warning for navigating lakes at night and in poor visibility conditions! Watch the Line Styles video for more detail.


Do the snowmobile trail maps have just the main corridor trails?

The snowmobile trail maps have primary and secondary corridors plus club level trails. If it’s a groomed trail, it will be on the trail map. We don’t currently have every mile of trail on the maps but that is our goal. Corridor trails and snowmobile club trails are identified by color.


How are the ATV and Snowmobile trail maps loaded onto the GPS?

During the checkout process, you will be provided a “Download” link for your trail map. When you click the Download link, the map installation program will be downloaded for you to run immediately or save to your computer for future use. When you run the installation program, the trail map files are copied to your computer. From there you will need to download and install Garmin BaseCamp to move the snowmobile GPS map or ATV GPS map to your Garmin GPS using a USB or other serial port.


How is the trail map updated when the trails change?

When snowmobile or ATV trails change, a new version of the GPS map is released. When you initially purchase a snowmobile trail map or ATV trail map from the website, you create an account where your map purchase is saved for 1 calendar year from the date of purchase. You may login to your account at any time and download the latest version of your GPS trail map.


How often is the ATV or snowmobile trail map updated?

As long as the trails can be ridden, we will be collecting GPS data. We will typically release an updated version every 4-5 weeks or 2-3 times per season.


How does a snowmobile GPS hold up in cold weather?

Garmin outdoor "hand-held" GPS’s and motorcycle GPS’s are rated for temperatures down to -4 degrees F. We have operated the Nuvi 500 down to -20 degrees F. Most of these ruggedized GPS’s are also waterproof (IPX7).


Will the GPS trail maps work with any GPS?

Our GPS trail maps are only compatible with Garmin GPS. The trail maps are compatible with any Garmin GPS that has the ability to “Add Maps” or that have an SD or microSD card slot. Consult our compatibility list and the Garmin website for specifications about your GPS model. The following Garmin models require that MapSource be used to install the map to a blank microSD card. These devices do not have internal memory and have a different way of communicating with your computer.

  • eTrex Legend Cx/HCx
  • eTrex Vista Cx/HCx
  • eTrex Venture Cx
  • GPSmap 60CS/60CSx/60Cx
  • GPSmap 76CS/76CSx/76Cx
  • Rino 520HCx/530HCx
  • Astro 220
  • StreetPilot 7200/7500


Can I use my automotive GPS as an ATV GPS or snowmobile GPS?

Yes you can but automotive GPS’s are not ruggedized and care should be taken to keep them dry and warm. An automotive GPS is typically rated to operate down to 32 degrees F and are not waterproof. Many of the lower-priced automotive GPS units do not have internal memory for storing supplemental maps and require the purchase of a microSD chip.


Will the trail map overwrite the street maps on my GPS?

Our X Package ATV and snowmobile trail map includes two Garmin GPS maps; a transparent trail overlay that shows on top of the streets (you see both at the same time) and a raster Background map that will display over the Garmin street map. You will have the option to turn off the display of one map or the other after the trail map is installed using the Map Info menu on the GPS. Our maps will never erase the factory installed Garmin street maps.


Where can I buy a Nuvi 500/550 or other rugged Garmin GPS?

The Nuvi 500/550 model has been discontinued and is nearly impossible to find new. The best way to purchase a ruggedized Garmin GPS is on the Internet. There are many competing resellers. A Google search for the model you are interested in will return a number of choices. The Garmin website is best place to research the different types of GPS’s and compare models.


How do I mount a GPS to my sled, trail bike or ATV/UTV?

There are three elements to mounting your GPS. First, you will need a cradle designed specifically for your GPS. A cradle is custom designed and must be the correct one for your Garmin model. Second, you will need to decide where to attach the cradle to the sled or ATV. The handlebars can be used, a flat spot on the cowling or it can be mounted to the windshield. Select a location that provides easy viewing and not likely to vibrate significantly. Cradles and mounting hardware manufactured by Ram Mount can be purchased on the Internet. Lastly we recommend that you hardwire the GPS to a power source. Wire kits are available for direct wire to the battery or cigarette lighter type automotive accessory plugs if your snowmobile/ATV has one.


How do I tell what version my trail map is?

The GPS trail map version is listed with the map on your GPS "Map Info" screen. Consult your Garmin Users Manual for how to navigate to the Map Info screen.


Why do the trails on my Nuvi 500/550 disappear when I zoom in real close?

Some Nuvi models, including the Nuvi 500/550, have a known issue where the Garmin provided base map displays over the trail map when you reach a certain zoom level. To fix the problem on older versions of our GPS trail map, disable the “City Navigator” map from the "Map Info" screen. Our new version 3.0 with auto-routing has eliminated this problem.


How can I notify GPS Trailmasters when I ride trails that are not on the trail map?

If you find you have ridden a trial that has changed or is not on the trail map, you can send us the tracklog and we will update the map. The tracklog, known as the trip log, is usually stored in the \Garmin folder on your GPS. Connect the GPS to your computer. Use My Computer to locate the GPS drive. The trip log will be a .GPX file in the \Garmin folder or possibly the \Garmin\GPX folder.


What is the benefit of the microSD chip?

The microSD chip provides a convenience of plug-n-play maps. No other installation is required to get the GPS trail maps up and running on your GPS. The installation program should still be run however to install files onto your computer that are used to get your free map updates.


Does the GPS give the distance in miles to a destination?

New with Version 3.0, you can specify a location and the GPS will calculate accurate distance and arrival time. The auto-routing feature will also provide turn by turn directions.


Does the GPS automatically plan a route from one location to another?

Our GPS trail maps are “routable” maps. As long as your model Garmin GPS has the "turn-by-turn" feature, you will be able to create routes that can be navigated on the trail.


Why won't my snowmobile GPS auto-route across a lake?

The Garmin “auto routing” algorithm does not know if lakes are safe for travel, therefor they are not included when generating a route. Your GPS will recalculate your route if you choose to cross a safe body of water.


My auto-routing feature is unable to calculate a route.

The auto-routing feature can get confused when there are multiple road and trail networks to route over. When you are out on the trails, disable any Garmin provided street maps to prevent the auto-routing feature from using them.


Can I have an ATV trail map and a snowmobile trail map installed on the GPS at the same time?

We do not recommend combining the ATV trail map with the snowmobile trail map because it will be too cluttered and too difficult to tell the two apart. You can have both maps installed separately on the GPS if you have both internal memory and a microSD card, however this assumes you don’t have any other third party supplemental maps on your GPS.

If you purchased both an ATV trail map and a snowmobile trail map and have a microSD card slot, install the ATV trail map to one microSD card and the snowmobile trail map to a second microSD card. Optionally you can install the snowmobile trail map during the winter and then install the ATV map during the summer. Repeat each season overwriting one map with the other. Some model GPS's like the Montana will allow more than one supplemental map be installed to the same memory as long as you use Garmin BaseCamp to load your maps.