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Trail Maps for Smart Phones

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We are embarking on project “Renegade X”, named after my new sled. Project Renegade X will bring several new products, features and tools with an initial release date of June 1, 2014. We have been researching different solutions for offering snowmobile and ATV trail maps for your smart phone and tablet. There are a number of good GPS apps for Android and iOS that turn your mobile phone, iPad or Android tablet into a GPS. These apps are now providing “offline” modes where you can download maps for an area of interest and store them on your device or external SD card. The “offline” mode eliminates the need to have cellular coverage or WiFi to download background maps. We are testing several GPS phone apps for both the iPhone and the Droids with our ATV and snowmobile trail maps installed.

We will be improving our Mac OS x support and extending our Apple installers to the ATV products. We are also developing additional ways for Garmin users to explore our GPS trail maps at home or in your cabin. Garmin users will also have some new options for configuring maps on the GPS.