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GPS Snowmobile Trail Map Version 8.7 Released

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Version 8.7

Our New York and Pennsylvania maps continue to expand with 700 new snowmobile trail miles. There has been a major reroute of ITS 83 near the wind mill farm in Oakfield and the southern end of ITS 81 has been rerouted to club trail 75.

Version 8.6

This update includes a significant reroute of ITS 85 and 86 around the Homestead Lodge/Shin Pond area. A few closures in Pittsburg for logging and 500 new club trail miles in areas of Hillanders, Manchester Country Riders, Gray Sno Wolves, Windham Drifters, Otisfield Trail Blazers, Casco Crooked River, Standish Sno-Seekers, Baldwin Beltburners, Hebron Bouncing Bogies, Minot Moonshiners, Turner Ridge Runners, Bowdoin Flurry Flyers, Cobbosseecontee, Gardner Ridge Runners, Streaked Mountaineers, Livermore Trail Blazers and Norway Trackers snowmobile clubs in Maine and Shugah Valley Snow Riders, Crescent Lake Sno-Riders, Old 4 Rod, Gun & Snowmobile club, Strafford Swampstompers, Seven Lakes and Wolfeboro snowmobile clubs in New Hampshire.

Version 8.5

Maine: Added 210 new club trail miles in the areas of Sno Wanderers, Sno-Packers, WJW and Upton State Line snowmobile clubs. Added reroute to Chesuncook Lake House (on way to the Trains).

New Hampshire: Added 115 miles of club trails in the areas of Great Bay Sno-Rollers, Lee Sno-Travelers, Night Riders, Snow Riders, Hooper Hill Hoppers and Lakes region snowmobile clubs. Trail closure from Corridor 12 to Success Pond. Reopend the Mud Pond trail in Errol/Milan.

Vermont: Various refinements across the state.

New York: Added 100 miles of trail for South Warren snowmobile club.

Pennsylvania: Added 140 miles of trail around Beach Lake in NE section of the state, Haneyville area and Tuscarora State Forest.

Added 90 more searchable map points of interest across New England.

Version 8.4

ME Snowmobile Trail Map: Added 60 new club trail miles. ITS 113 closure in Skowhegan and ITS 87 reroutes Skowhegan to Solon, Northern Outdoors section of ITS 87 closed for logging around Moxie Mtn. ITS 112 reroute Shin Pond, various other small reroutes to ITS trails.

NH Snowmobile Trail Map: Small club trail additions for Fort Mountain Trail Winders and P361 reroute. Various refinements across the state, particularly in Southern areas. Added Powdermill Snowmobile Club Devils Den trails.

VT Snowmobile Trail Map: 50 new trail miles with refinements in Burke and St Johnsbury.

NY Snowmobile Trail Map: 500 new trail miles in Chautauqua County, Findly Lake, French Creek and Clymer. Wyoming County, Orangeville, Wethersfield and Varysburge. West Rochester area, Orleans and Monroe Counties.

PA Snowmobile Trail Map: 60 miles added to Lyman Run State Park and other various areas.

No updates to Canadian maps.

Version 8.3

Maine Snowmobile Trail Map: Additions for Hillandalers Snowmobile Club and Manchester Country Riders

New Hampshire Snowmobile Trail Map: Trail name updates for Umbagog Snowmobile Club, Additions/refinements Stratford Nighthawks Snowmobile Club and Littleton Off Road Riders.

Vermont Snowmobile Trail Map: Many trail refinements in upper half of the state, Lyndon SnoCruisers, Burke Drift Skippers, Brighton Snowmobile Club, NEK Snow Blasters, Barre Sno Bees and Montpelier Trackmakers.

Pennsylvania Snowmobile Trail Map: Additions in Bald Eagle State Forest and Tiadagton Forest.

Manitoba Snowmobile Trail map: Added addition Provincial 66 loop trail through Whiteshell Provincial Park.

No updates to New York and Quebec Snowmobile Trail Maps.

Version 8.2

Changes in this version are as follows:

Jackman ME Trails - Corrected ITS trail names and closed some of last year's reroutes.

Pittsburg NH Trails - Closed 140's around Indian Stream and added Cowen Hill loop, reopened Primary 136 &112 although reports indicate it's not fully open yet. Updated trail names in Swift Diamond area resulting from last year's changes.

Buffalo NY Trails - Added trails around Buffalo area.

Pennsylvania - Added more resolution and some additional trails to Allegheny National Forest loop. Added some trails in Potter and Tioga Counties.

Canada - Added trails in New Brunswick.

Version 8.1

Additional New Brunswick trails and many, many points of interest were added to the Quebec map. Note the Google map overlay has not been updated to display trails for New Brunswick. This will be corrected in version 8.2.

We have reopened some of last year's trail closures in Jackman ME, Rangeley ME and Errol NH.

We are continuing to expand the NY and PA snowmobile trail maps with additional trails sent in by some very motivated snowmobilers.

Thanks to all for your early season track updates to make your maps accurate for what I hope turns out to be a very good year.

Version 8.0

This version adds Quebec Canada to our list of map products. Our Quebec map is introductory and contains 7,700 miles. This version also added additional trail mileage to our Pennsylvania map, no other maps were updated.

Version 7.2

We received a number of tracks from customers since our last release so you can have the latest GPS trails for opening day.

The Maine snowmobile trail map was updated in the area of Streaked Mountaineers Snowmobile Club, Bowdoinham Snowbirds, Sabuttus Mountaineers, Rumford Polar Bears, Moosehead Riders in Greenville, the Windham Drifters, Cumberland Moonlite Sno-Skimmers, Raymond Rattlers, Gray Sno Wolves and Standish Sno-Seekers snowmobile clubs. The New Hampshire snowmobile trail map was updated in the area of the Powdermill and Evergreen Valley snowmobile clubs. Vermont's VAST snowmobile trails updated in the areas of Arlington, Wardsboro and East & North Dorset.

We also received additional GPS tracks for our new Pennsylvania snowmobile trail map.

Version 7.1

Snowmobile trail map version 7.1 has just been released with changes that rolled in over the Summer.  122 miles of new trail were added and more importantly, 66 new gas, food, lodging, trailer parking, etc. points of interest added to the map.

This release requires Garmin BaseCamp or MapSource to install the map to your Garmin GPS.  Our installer that you download from your website account no longer has the "Install to GPS" option. This change was necessary because Garmin has changed the map storage location on some of the newer models causing our installer option to fail.

Version 7.0

We are excited to release version 7.0 of our New England snowmobile maps.  You will notice a new look and the addition of the X Package logo to these products.  The X Package is a cross platform product installer that includes an improved installer that is quicker and easier to use, a new Garmin compatible background map that can be used as a reference for your trail map in Garmin MapSource, BaseCamp or on the GPS itself.

We have two new tutorial videos, one that demonstrates how to use the new Windows installer and the other shows how you can use MapSource to view your trail map overlaid on the new background map and how to install one or both maps to your GPS.

Watch the Windows Installer tutorial video.

Watch the Garmin MapSource demonstration video.

The "cross platform" installer means in addition to the Garmin maps you also get the same map data in other formats compatible with Google Earth.  You also receive data formats (KMZ, GPX, OBF) that are compatible with GPS apps for Android and iOS.

The X Package has installers for both Windows and Mac OS X.

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