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There Seems To Be Trails Missing

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On occasion people will comment, "I notice that you don't have the trails for my club" or "I know there are more trails in that area than what's shown on your map". It's true we don't have every trail, in every state, whether it be snowmobile or ATV. We are also often asked, "How do you keep up with trail closures and reroutes?"

Our model is a community-based approach where tracklogs (GPX tracks) are recorded and submitted along with comments about what is new or different. I collect tracklogs my self, our friends send us data from their trips and our customers supply us with most of our information. Some people send great graphics and annotations that make it easy to process and some people just send tons of data. It's all good and all contributes to a better product.

The trail maps are/will be as good as the riding population wants to make them. My part is to process the data in a timely manner and provide an easy distribution method to get maps out to our customers. Next snowmobile season, my goal is to release an update every two weeks. That will be my goal for this year's ATV season as well, provided the data is there to process. This means we will be processing and building updates around the clock.

Our maps are priced by the mile. Currently our maps sell for 0.007 cents per mile. We would love to get to a point where we have every trail and everyone has maps for their favorite riding area. Together, we can easily achieve this. When I ride, I make a point to ride at least one new trail each trip. Some are duds but about 50% of time, I find a hidden jewel of a trail.