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GPS navigation for off road recreational vehicles is gaining in popularity. Our GPS ATV and Snowmobile trail maps are a transparent trail overlays for your Garmin GPS. These GPS maps will run on most Garmin GPSs with internal memory or an SD card. A GPS mounted on your snowmobile or ATV provides modern navigation complete with trip statistics such as total miles, max speed, average speed, moving time, stopped time, etc. GPS trail maps from GPS Trailmasters will enhance your riding experience. Learn more about our GPS maps.

  • The map is part of your dashboard for quick reference.
  • See your position on the map at all times.
  • Leave a “bread crumb” trail to know where you have been.
  • A GPS can be viewed easily both day and night.
  • Use your GPS to locate gas, food, lodging and more.
  • Zoom into 50 feet or zoom out to 50 miles.
  • Estimate arrival time better, and plan better “loops”.
  • A GPS trail map is a great way to combine your paper maps.

Our New England ATV and Snowmobile trail maps will enhance your riding experience.  Always carry paper maps as an additional navigation aid.

Our maps are proudly made in New Hampshire, USA.

These color-coded trail maps will transparently overlay the existing street maps in your Garmin automotive GPS or your Garmin handheld GPS, compatible with most Garmin automotive and handheld GPS units. The image on the left is the Garmin factory street maps. The image on the right has the transparent trail overlay.


If you’re considering a GPS map for snowmobiling or ATVing, we recommend purchasing a Garmin GPS that is waterproof and ruggedized for outdoor use. All of the units recommended below are ruggedized, waterproof (IPX7) and will operate in cold temperatures. The battery type and battery life varies for each unit. We highly recommend you wire-in your GPS with the hard-wire mounting kits available. The 12 Volt accessory plug on your sled or ATV can be used to power the GPS as well. The GPS can be mounted to your sled or ATV many different ways. The cradles below all utilize the Ram Mount system. Ram Mount components can be used to mount to the handlebars, the windshield or to the dashboard/cowling.




The Oregon 450 is a ruggedized handheld for all your outdoor activities. It features a 3" diagonal color touchscreen that is sunlight-readable. This model includes an altimeter and electronic compass. The 450 is powered by 2AA batteries with a 16 hour battery life. The mounting kit is sold separately for about $35. You can purchase this model bundled with the mount and protective case for $239.99. This unit is currently the best replacement for the Nuvi 500 feature and price point. This unit has been discontinued by Garmin so take advantage of the low prices befor they are gone.




Montana 600 GPS for Snowmobile and ATV

The Montana 600 is a mapping handheld designed for hiking and hunting. It comes with a large 4.0” color display and also utilizes a touch screen interface. This unit has many features for those that like to customize the screen and manage their own tracklogs and waypoints. This unit can be purchased with an integrated cradle and power cord for wiring direct to the battery. The unit also operates on 3 AA batteries, unlike the Nuvi and Zumo. This means you can carry spare batteries out on the trail.  The battery life is 16-22 hours. The Montana 600 is available as a bundle including RAM mount, hardwire kit and protective case for $559.99.



Zumo 660 GPS for Snowmobile and ATV

The Zumo 660 is categorized as a motorcycle unit. It operates the same way as the Nuvi 500 but has a 4.3” diagonal color touch screen. This unit has more features for automotive use than the Nuvi 500. The Zumo has a shaded relief background like the Nuvi 500. Battery life is 4-5 hours. The Zumo 660 comes complete with the mounting hardware and wiring kit pictured. You can find this unit online for around $600 - $700.



Nuvi 500 GPS For Snowmobile and ATV



The Nuvi 500 is a hybrid with street maps and topographic maps. There are different modes for walking, sledding and driving. It has a 3.5” diagonal color screen and a very easy to use touchscreen interface. Battery life is about 6-8 hours. The Cradle and Wire Kit is sold separately. This model has been discontinued.